Matthew MacLeod's Writings

Matthew MacLeod is a charactor I created in a Highlander story. It then became the charactor I use for Role Playing Online based around the tv show Highlander. Role Playing involves writing stories around a charactor and interacting with others who have made up there own Role Playing Charactor. I have been writing different stories for and about the charactor for over 15 years. I will probley continue to Role Play it for as long I feel up to it. Matthew MacLeod is also a chat name I use on many message boards.

The stories are usually written online and involve several hours and sometimes days to create stories. Please feel free to drop into Highlander Chat if you like Highlander, feel like Role Playing or if you just like watching.

I also have turned 3 of the stories into 3 individual movies scripts and they are my Highlander Fan Films. The movies are the trilogy called Highlander the Amateur 1 , 2 , and 3. Which I wrote, directed, produced and starred in. For more information on these films. Feel free to check out the website for them by Clicking Here.

I have also wrote 3 other scripts that have been produced and made into short films.. Rock Paper Superhero, Magic Trick and Young War which was a Sag New Media Production.

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