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Ok, Where to start this. I have some very interesting and then exciting news for my fans and others who read. For the past month I have been very busy with filming my new movies, HTA 2 and 3. Not to mention editing and alot more. At the time there was also an auction by the Peacefund. One of the items in it was to win a role to the set of Highlander 5 and a cameo role. They were also giving away a second one that was to be raffled off but then later changed to a giveaway. Airfair and hotels included paid for by Davis/Panzer. The idea was originally suggested by Sheryl. Someone who I'd call a friend. Everyone knows it is my dream to be in an actual highlander movie not just my highlander fan films. They know it from talking to me and they know it from me having my little pole online of trying to get the chance to be in HL5. Click here Needless to say the bidding closed at 26,505$ which I did not win. But I had the bid till the last 45 minutes where it rose over 18,000$ higher. Alot of people sent me emails wishing I'd win. I didn't. I appreciated those emails they kept me calmer as i was ready to pull out my hair. I appreciate all the emails I got after expressing sympathy and sorry. Someone wanted it more I guess. Well I had figured up my expenses and figured I could fly over to Lithuainia where they are filming it and to the set. The only problem was if i could get access to visit the set. I had already paid 200$ to get my passport which they said I needed to go and better have and now its not going to be used. I was then told it would be unfair for anyone else to visit because the winner paid so much for it. I was even going to donate some money to the chairity if I was allowed to go. Well nobody knew who won the bid too. Some had made guesses. No fans stepped forward to say they won. The giveaway winner was announced. They asked me. I didn't know. I was told the person didn't want to be known. Which is fine I guess later we find out why. Nobody can know what it is like to have your dream so close to you. To have it dangling in front of you like a baited hook. Everyone knows my dream is to be in movies. Especially a Highlander one. To be so close and then not get it. It all seems like a cruel joke. Well this story does have a happy ending which I'll save till the end to make it one. But this isn't all the details to everything. Today after being very excited about the ending. I came to be very upset again. I learn of some others going to the set to visit. One to meet the winner of the auction and the winner of the giveaway. Which is cool for that. Another person ended up going because of contacts he had to get interivews. Both had to pay their own ways. Well this isn't so bad I can deal with that. But the real slap in the face comes when I find out they get parts in the movie as well. Some say it is not what you know it is who you know? Well some would say it is not fair either. But I also believe I was told that earlier. The part of it wasn't fair for someone to pay and go to the set. I'm sure the one person didn't donate any large amount but got there by who he knew which made comments about them paying their own way there. So that would be considered unfair too now wouldn't it? But lets keep in mind the giveaway gave anyone without a large cash flow a chance to go. So does that now mean anyone with the cash to go can go? Probably not to the Set. Or I would still go. This still isn't all. The winner come to find out who didn't want to be known has been in over 50 movies supposedly. So much for being a true fan and wanting to win. Because it is your dream to be in it for many reasons not just because you like highlander or want a movie role. Like I said it is like a slap in the face all the different things i've been told about this. If I was offered a chance to go. I would still go. But I known I won't be. Probably because I wrote this and everything down. But you know me and how my stories are so complex. The happy ending to my story. I was given a link to another charity auction site to check something else out. It was a set visit. No, not to visit the set of Highlander 5. It was to visit the set of the new hit CBS tv show on friday nights. Ghost Whisperer. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now if you read my site very often you know of my story with her. For those who don't Click Here In the story here you can see where I quote the dream of meeting Jennifer Love Hewitt. I won the bid on it for alot cheaper price. I get to visit the set. I get to watch the filming. I get to take pictures and meet the cast. There is also a chance I might get to be an extra in the movie. I can however say dreams do come true. I am finalizing the details of the trip and everything in the next couple days. I will have more to say on it when I get the details like when I go to Los Angeles for it all. But this is the news of what has been going on with me lately. Will I enjoy going to Los Angeles. Of Course, Look at my last trip to LA. Will I enjoy being on set and meeting Jennifer. Definately. Some would say how unfair things have been. Some would say how strange of a coincidence is all this? Good question. Would I rather have the highlander one? Not nessisarily. Would I still go to Lithuainia to be in HL5 if given the chance? Yes, I do still have a unused passport I spent 200$ on that I won't be using. I don't think anyone has the power to make dreams like that happen though or it might be unfair.

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