Matthew's Bio

Matthew Allen
Age = 38
Height = 6'0"
Brown Hair , Blue Eyes
Wears Glasses / Contacts (Has Prescription Sunglasses)
Passport to Travel
Left Handed
Hometown = Anderson , Indiana
Occupation = Professional Sag-E Actor
Franktot High School Graduate
Hobbies = Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Swords, Drawing , Painting,
Highlander the Series / Movies, Acting, Hunting, Fishing, and lots more.
Talents = Lots of different things.
Sometimes credited as Matthew W. Allen , Matt Allen
Nickname = Matthew MacLeod , Immortal Bad Boy

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Agency Contacts - Helen Wells Agency or Heyman Talent Agency

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He is a 1995 graduate of Frankton High School in the very small town of Frankton, Indiana. He was an avid artist and painter in high school. Matthew first started acting after a friend of his ask for help while he was making a movie in College. Matthew was asked to portray a small role and then also to help with the sword fight choreography. A larger role opened up and he was immediately switched into the larger role. He later won local acting awards for Best Actor for Madison County, Indiana.

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