Matthew MacLeod's - The Immortal Bad Boy

The Immortal Bad Boy.
Bad when I wanna be.. Good at the rest...

When he was born, Matthew was just a normal happy baby boy. But this is where it really started. At a few months old, he had a small but serious problem. He had a seizure. There was nothing to predict it or prevent it. His mother found him shaking when he was suppose to be sleeping. He was checked out and seemed to have no bad or ill effects from it. He was still very closely watched for a while as seizures usually don't happen in a single instance. They watched him closely growing up.

His brain function seemed increased and somewhat higher then most children after a time. Even at a young age there was one thing he loved to do. It was to play baseball. Once he learned there was no stopping him from playing. He was becoming a very good baseball player. His skills were very good and it helped him learn how to react quickly and hit things out of air. All his senses seemed to be somewhat increased but nothing was really thought about it.

He also seemed to learn at an increased rate as well. When he was in school growing up, he was at the top of his class. This made people see him as a geeky nerd type. They began to pick fights with him on a daily basis. He would no sooner get to school then he would be shoved down, kicked or beaten. It made him grow depressed because he didn't have many friends and led him to quit playing baseball which he loved doing so much. He tried to get involved in other things. But he always lost out when they didn't want him or see him as that type. No matter what he could really do. No one cared. He was always picked last because they thought he couldn't do it even if he knew he could and could have. After so much punishment and humiliation. He began to grow tolerant to his pain and it all. He expected it and knew it was coming and just took it.

His father always told him fighting was not an answer. So he never tried to fight back. Till one day he had no choice. In middle school he met a girl who had just moved to the school area. She sat next to him at lunch because he was alone too and the boys seen him with her. On the playground later that day they started a fight with him again. Till he just couldn't take it any longer and he fought back. He ended up nearly killing the boy who started it. But something inside stopped him. From then on he knew he had to control that rage inside him.

He began to take martial arts lessons as he had read it would help. It taught him how to stay calm in order to control his anger, rage, and fears. It also helped him develop his abilities more and gave him some confidence. By high school he had a total mental and physical edge overall but never felt the need to show off like most did. He loved baseball still but never bothered to go out for the high school team after. Which is something he deep down he wishes he had done. But they still never seen him as the typical sports guy because of his unusual geeky look and size either. But boy could he throw that baseball fast.

He graduated from high school and was asked to an after party. He left the party after they only wanted to humiliate and beat him up one last time. Not to be fooled he soon left rather quickly after standing up for himself again. Keeping his cool and using self defense which he had known. He left this time with a little more respect that night. He offered a ride to the girl who he had known since middle school. Along the way by total chance and randomness an event happened that would change things forever with him. Could it have been the relief of stress after years of torment or just the highly stressful situation he was just in which he thought he should have been smart enough to avoid.

He was driving his car and talking to the girl and it suddenly happened. There was no warning and no way to prevent it. It was almost as fate had chosen this exact moment for it to happen. He only remembers waking up and he doesn't remember anything from the actual event. But what happened was that while driving he had another seizure. They ended up in a car wreck. The girl who he was with was killed instantly. The car they hit was a new experimental type of car that was being tested. It was being driven for a test drive. The new system had some special chemicals in it. Which was to be the car of the future. Some of these chemicals leaked from the car and onto him and into his head wound and others.

He awoke in the hospital and learned of what had happened. From then on he knew he'd never be the same. He wondered why he had lived and she hadn't. He was hanging on but it was also due to the fact he had the seizure. The chemicals from the car had mixed with his body through open wounds which lead him to start gaining his super powers. The chemicals had landed on her too. But it was the seizure in him which caused the accident but caused things to start in him. Although it would take him a while to fully develop his powers. It was enough to keep him alive through the moment. The events were traumatic to him. Had it been any other moment in time. He would have not have hit the other experimental car. It was almost like fate and his destiny for it to happen. But the seizure was the first one he had since he was a baby. It was unpredictable in its happening.

His main weakness which could possibly kill him was also caused from the chemical spill and it is almost like a substance that can render him powerless. It is from an extremely rare chemical element found in uranium. Actinium is its official name. It has a blue glow to it. Which he himself has never encountered. His one other weakness is caused from a not so special element. But simple orange juice. Another after affect from the chemicals and the crash was his sight began to decline slowly over time. So Matthew is seen wearing sunglasses a lot of times now. Which they have been rumored to have a few unique things built into them.

After the event he did begin to develop a few more abilities. But this one event changed him forever and it is what lead to him gaining his powers. He left the small town he was from soon after to try to make sense of it all. He went to Los Angeles and began to study acting and writing. But overall he was still deeply upset by what had happened with him. He began to grow very depressed. He wondered why others got breaks and not him. But then one day by fate another break came for him. He had submitted a story he wrote only to be mocked and turned down rather harshly. It was then he was spotted by a casting director where he became an actor almost immediately. He showed he could memorize lines and do what he was told with ease. He began to get everything he dreamed of money and more as he starred in a few big budget feature films. This soon started to head him down a road that was not right but totally wrong. He nearly became very evil in his ways.

Till the one thing that happened that would change him forever again and its something everyone must face in some form or another. His mother became very ill and he immediately went to help her. Only he wasn't able to help her no matter what was to happen in the end. It was not something that could be stopped from happening. He went further into his dark state and couldn't handle any of it. He gave up his acting. He gave up everything he had. He soon wanted it all to end and slit his wrist only to find out his wrist started to heal over really quickly.

At that moment when he couldn't escape something clicked back inside of him. Knowing he couldn't escape it. He began to learn more about himself. He learned what powers he did have and used his martial arts experience to help control things. His powers began to really grow stronger, his mind reading ability began to emerge overall as he began to deal with his past. His mind became more at rest with everything going on. Being calmer helped him focus his powers too. It developed to the point he could sense danger near him too and having a clairvoyant ability to predict the future. . His ability to heal was even more apparent too.

His problems were his to deal with but he knew what he had to do. From then on he knew he had to try to do what was right for everyone. Not just for him and not just for the girl who had died before. But for everyone he could actually help in the end. His superhero career was only starting. He soon thought of his name. Which was given to him by the one girl who he had lost in the beginning. She would tease him about being a Bad Boy at times. And it soon clicked. That he was the Immortal Bad Boy. He had his motorcycle to get around on and his costume. He chose the weapon of a Samurai sword to honor his martial arts. But he had one other special item which he kept in his pocket would could be used as another weapon. But it had its others purposes as well. A baseball to remind him of everything he had gone through in his life and to never forget any of it.

He knows the pain of being picked on. He knows what it is like to lose. He can't let that or anything else happen to others if he can help it. Even though he may never live forever. He wants to help out forever.

The Immortal Bad Boy... "Bad when he wants to be. Good at the rest."

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